6 Best .350 LEGEND Rifles for 2023! Who Is The New #1?

6 Best .350 LEGEND Rifles 2023! Who Is The New #1?
Are you looking for the best .350 Legend rifle for hunting of 2023? These are some of the 350 Legend rifles we found this year.
Hunters are seeing an explosion of rifle models chambered in .350 Legend now that more states have lifted bans on centerfire deer hunting. Because of the Legend’s increasing popularity, we felt it was our duty to put some of the best .350 Legend rifles through extensive testing, so you know exactly what you’re getting. So, in today’s video we will be taking a look at exactly that! Stay tuned because some of these guns might just shock ya.
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Hunters are seeing an explosion of rifle Models chambered in 350 Legend now that More states have lifted bans on Center Fire deer hunting because of the Legends Increasing popularity we felt it was our Duty but some of the best 350 Legend Rifles through extensive testing so you Know exactly what you're getting into So in today's video we'll be taking a Look at exactly that Stay tuned because some of these guns Might just shock you Winchester XPR Winchester doubles down On affordable hunting rifle performance With the XPR bolt action partnered with The company's own Flagship 350 Legend Round purpose built for deer hunters the Straight walled 350 Legends low recoil And serious performance added to its Instant appeal in the field the rifle Included the same features as the Original XPR which are well worth Mentioning again starting with the Moa Trigger it offers zero take up zero Creep and zero overall travel that is Remarkably consistent between three Pounds eight ounces and three pounds 10 Ounces made of chromoly steel and Sporting a recessed Target style Crown Barrel is precisely button rifled Thermally stress relieved to ensure Optimum accuracy and free-floated to Eliminate potential pressure points the Chrome Ole receiver has a large ejection

Port for Reliable objection while the Smooth cycling nickel Teflon coated bolt Features a short 60 degree lift as for The stock it's composed of an advanced Polymer with textured channels on the Forend and pistol grip for improved Handling in cold wet weather the stock Also incorporates an inflex technology Recoil pad that reduces belt recoil by Moving the comb down and away from the Face rounding out the package the XPR Offers a two position thumb safety a Highly visible caulking indicator a bolt Action unlock button that allows the Chamber to be unloaded with thumb safety In the unsafe position and a detachable Polymer single stack box magazine the External ballistics are much like the Legendary 30-30 Winchester the greatest Steer cartridge of all time if most of Your shooting is 200 yards or less you Need an XPR and 350 Legend in your gun Rack price on the XBR is quite appealing With the MSRP set at 549.99 and online prices putting the gun Closer to the 400 Mark Savage Axis XP or The hunter working with a tight budget Savage Arms have put together a great 350 Legend package with the access XP You are not likely to find another rifle With a matte stainless steel barrel at a Better price this rifle goes for about 449 dollars retail the barrel is 18 Inches and has a 1 to 16 rate of twist

The matte black synthetic stock helps Give the rifle a light weight of just 6.86 pounds we like it for the Youth Hunters because of that weight too the Stainless steel and stock make the rifle Ideal for long periods of time in a tree Stand in wet conditions like the Midwest Routinely offers during deer season Those features also make this rifle Ideal for spot and stock applications if You ever decide travel out of state for Bigger game straight walled cartridges Are just as effective in the west as They are in the midwest Savage offers a Combo package with a weaver three to Nine by 40 millimeter scope that is Attached to the factory and is already Bore sighted just grab some ammo and Head to the range to start sighting it In for deer season Ruger American Ranch Ruger American 350 Legend compact Ranch Rifle is simply the best most handy bolt Action rifle I've ever tested it could Be the ultimate post pandemic survival Gun on the market it measures just 35 Inches long and weighs in at just six Pounds that's a true joy for Hunter's Young and old to use the compact 16.38 Inch barrel has a 1 to 16 rate of twist The barrel is also threaded in case you Want to add a suppressor or muzzle brake Of some kind to tame The Recoil even More not a bad idea for younger Hunters With a smaller frame the American Rifle

Also comes with a generous recoil pad to Help with that the rifle comes fitted With a picatinny rail for Optics Straight Out of the Box the tank safety Is easy to access and operate this gun Features the Ruger Marksman adjustable Trigger allowing for adjustments on the Pole between three and five pounds the Compact size makes this a great brush Gun for swamps and other areas where Vegetation and branches are dense this Rifle is a tack driver that will get the Job done on that Mossberg Patriot youth Super Bantam as we've already he Mentioned 350 Legend is the ideal first Hunting gun for young Hunters about to Participate in their first youth season This year the Mossberg Patriot is Already a great rifle for adults but Their youth super Bantam is an even Better option for young Hunters this gun Has a 22-inch fluted barrel length with A 1-16 rate of twist so help them drop That early Youth Season big buck at Distances out to 100 yards or more Easily it is slightly heavier at seven And a half pounds but a big selling Point here is the adjustable length of Pole that means the rifle can grow with Your young Hunter this rifle also comes Fitted with a quality 3 to 9 by 40 Millimeter Vortex Crossfire 2 scope for Only 369 dollars this gun is a bargain And a great way to introduce your child

Or grandchild to hunting this year Frankie momentum the momentum is a great Option for the serious Hunter who is Concerned with accuracy bronky has an MOA guarantee at 100 yards using Premium Factory ammo we also dig the crisp Bralia trigger that can be set to break Between two and five pounds easily this Rifle has a 22 inch barrel with a 1 to 16 rate of twist the three lug bolts is Chrome and fluted to reduce weight it Also has a 60 degree throw for faster Cycling the stock is a simple Flat Dark Earth while the receiver and Barrel are An anodized black finish the TSA recoil Pad helps make an already fun to shoot Cartridge even more pleasant at six Hundred dollars it's still very Affordable for almost any budget Henry Single shot we were thrilled to see Henry saw there was a market for Straight wall rifle cartridges in their Line This is the rifle to get for those Who want Simplicity and accuracy it uses A simple rebounding Hammer safety system We think it'd be ideal for teaching a Youngster the finer points of gun safety Before heading into the field this rifle Features a 22 inch barrel with a 1-16 Rate of twist it comes in at a Comfortable 7.18 pounds and is drilled And tapped for Weaver scope mounts we Know some Shooters may look at this gun And think it's a little plain but to be

Honest we dig the classic American Walnuts and blue steel look it's an old School look with a modern cartridge Bringing the Best of Both Worlds to the Deer Woods plus they're made in the USA And at under 400 the price point is too Great Thank you

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