5 New Guns JUST REVEALED For 2023!

5 New Guns JUST REVEALED For 2023!
Are you looking for the best GUNS revealed for 2023 ? We compiled a list of the best new GUNS of 2023 we found so far!
As we move further into 2023, the firearms industry is abuzz with anticipation over the latest and greatest guns being released by top manufacturers. This year promises to deliver an exciting range of new firearms, from cutting-edge pistols to powerful rifles and everything in between. Gun enthusiasts and professionals alike are eagerly anticipating the release of these new guns, which will offer improved performance, innovative features, and enhanced customization options.
From compact carry pistols to folding rifles, the top new guns released in 2023 are sure to capture the attention and admiration of gun enthusiasts around the world. So get ready to explore the latest and greatest in the world of firearms and experience the thrill of shooting with the best guns that 2023 has to offer.
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Get ready to Lock and Load because the Latest and greatest guns of 2023 are Here and they're sure to put a smile on Your face From high-powered rifles to sleek and Stylish handguns these new Firearms are Sure to impress even the most Discerning Gun enthusiasts so why not join us on a Journey through the world of new guns as We explore the latest advancements in Firearm technology and design Smith and Wesson m p FPC Chambered in the hugely popular nine Millimeter Parabellum cartridge Optics Ready m p FPC is an entirely new design From the company bringing a unique Compact pistol caliber carbine to the Company's lineup The concept of a folding pistol caliber Carbine isn't a new one with Kel-Tec Sub 2000 being one of the more Well-recognized options on the market However the m p FPC differs in a number Of ways including in the folding Mechanism itself The front portion of the firearm Articulates to the left side of the grip Frame which means it won't interfere With the mounted optic The Smith and Wesson m p FPC is built on An aluminum receiver and equipped with a 16 and a quarter inch barrel made from 41 40 steel and treated with black oxide Finish

The carbine measures 30 and 3 8 inches Long when ready to fire when folded the Overall size of the firearm measures Only 16 and 3 8 inches long The FPC features an integrated recoil Buffer system threaded muzzle and in Stock magazine storage for making Reloading fast and efficient The horizontal folding mechanism of the FPC provides a locking latch to enable Secured transport and prevents Interference with most top mounted Optics or accessories Additional features include a handguard With an upper picatinny rail and M lock Slots for accessory mounting Capabilities a flat face trigger design That offers a crisp single action Trigger break and four interchangeable Palm oils for maximum comfort Them in pfpc also comes with a carrying Bag designed with multiple velcro Storage compartments to secure Additional equipment for Easy Transport And three double stack m p pistol Magazines including one 17 round and two 23 round mags MSRP 659 dollars Wilson Combat WC p365 With enhanced shootability better Ergonomics and Superior optic sight Capability the Wilson Combat wcp 365 has Taken an already legendary product to The next level of performance the wcp

365 stainless steel slide and 3.1 inch Chromoly Barrel where the most advanced Black DLC physical vapor deposition Finish available This Ultra hard finish has chromium and Tungsten under layers her long lasting Corrosion and abrasion resistance The distinctive Wilson Combat x-tack Pattern on the frame and slide are Outstanding the pattern is subtle if You're considered the raw depth of the Pattern grooves but is remarkably Effective in preventing movements of the Gun while firing For sights the Wilson Combat chose its Battle site rear sight and mated it with A fiber optic front blade This is the same sight system that's all My often carried Wilson Combat EDC X9 I Like it and trust it For an extra 155 dollars you can opt for An enhanced trigger that has been tuned Using graygon's custom trigger Parts I'd Strongly suggest the trigger upgrade Because it is fantastic As for recoil the nine millimeter Chambering makes it gentle right off the Bat but the frame shape Contours and Texture provide additional help in Softening what you feel in the hand While shooting Even plus P defensive ammo was perfectly Controllable I had no trouble keeping this handgun

Under control even with a more relaxed Grip the WC p365 carries an MSRP of 1105 Or 1425 you can choose the gray guns Trigger set and an optic mounting Solution of your choice It's not inexpensive but you'll get a Top-notch performance in return Springfield Armory Saint Victor nine Millimeter carbine Springfield Armory has solidly Established itself in the AR Market with Its line of saints combining excellent Quality features with a very reasonable Pricing the saint Victor nine millimeter Pistol caliber carbine continues this Tradition Firstly I want to point out that this is A dedicated nine millimeter AR now some Modified standard model with a Magwell Adapter The forged 7075 T6 aluminum upper and Lower receivers are designed Specifically for the nine millimeter Cartridge You'll see this on the upper receiver in The shortened ejection port and cover Door lack a forward assist and the more Forward-oriented brass deflector the Lower has a nine millimeter mag well Designed specifically for the 32 round Magazine that comes with the gun the 16-inch Barrel is melonite coated and Features a Springfield Armory forward

Blast diverter and the full length m-lok Handguard is free-floated Other features include spring-loaded Flip up iron sights a six position Collapsible B5 systems Bravo stock a B5 System's type 23p grip a B5 system's Trigger guard and an ambidextrous safety This is all in a package weighing under Seven pounds FN SCAR 15p The FN SCAR 15p 556 NATO chambered Pistol is an extremely lightweight and Compact design weighing in at 5.65 Pounds unloaded and just under 20 inches In length with its seven and a half inch Cold Hammer forged Barrel Machined from a single piece of aluminum The receiver features a continuous m1913 Picatinny rail in the 12 o'clock Position along with side rails at the 3 6 and 9 o'clock positions providing Ample rail space for a red dot Flashlight or angled foregrip the Trigger module that acts as the lower Receiver is identical to the scar 16s Sharing a number of part commonalities Across the two systems It offers an ambidextrous selector and Magazine release along with Compatibility with any AR pattern Magazine the ultra compact scar pistol Is driven by the legendary and highly Reliable Short Stroke gas piston system At the heart of every scar

The Pinnacle of reliability and Durability the pistol-length gas system Runs cleanly isolating spent gases from The moving Parts Group and giving you More rounds fired without stoppages It's adjustable low-flash gas regulator And three-pronged muzzle device that Reduce muzzle flash are especially Appreciated in pistol configuration when Firing repeated rounds downrange from The fully free-floated seven and a half Inch cold Hammer forged and chrome-lined Barrel The pistol is equipped with the Non-reciprocating charging handle Assembly that reduces overall felt Recoil due to the reduced mass of the Bolt carrier thus producing an extremely Easy to manage system when shooting from A sling The pistol is available in black or fde And ships with one 30 round or 10 round FN SCAR L magazine With its overall compact size Lightweight configuration and reliable FN SCAR operating system the FN SCAR 15p Is the perfect choice for a home Personal defense firearm and also an Ideal addition to any FN SCAR collection Anderson Manufacturing am15 Precision Series Featuring four new rifle models the Precision series was designed to provide Shooters with affordable yet accurate

AR-15 options Model in the am15 Precision series Lineup is the Marksman and it features An 18-inch taper profile Barrel a 15-inch m-lok handguard and a Night Stalker flash hider it also includes a Magpul K2 grip and 20 round PMag MSRP is 899 dollars Second the am15 Precision Sharpshooter Is more geared toward long range Shooting The only discernible difference between This model and the Marksman is that the Sharpshooter includes a 20 inch taper Profile Barrel to provide extra velocity Or increased accuracy at range MSRP is Also 899 dollars Third the am15 Precision varmeter also Includes a 20 inch barrel but it's a Ball Barrel profile instead to allow for A greater volume of fire before Noticeable impact shift occurs As its name suggests this is a great Feature for varmint Hunters who may have Shot opportunities arise while their Barrel is still hot from previous Engagements other distinct features on The bar Mentor were chosen for their Increased ergonomics including a Hogue Overmolded rubber beaver tail grip and Around tube handguard rather than an Angled one the handguard still features M-lok slots and is made out of the same Lightweight T6 aluminum as the other

Models however a Magpul 20 round mag is Also included and the MSRP is 949.99 The final am15 Precision series rifle is The competitor and it has the most Unique features of the whole lineup Designed for competition use the Competitor features the same 18 inch Taper profile Barrel as the Marksman but It also includes an adjustable Anderson Gas block a low mass Henderson bolt Carrier group and Anderson's stallion Muzzle brake to mitigate recoil Otherwise it features the same rubber Hoe grip as the varmeter and the same 15-inch m-lok handguard is the Sharpshooter and the Marksman The competitor also has an ambidextrous Selector and comes with a 30 round stain AG magazine MSRP is 919.99

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