5 Glock 19 Gen 5 Issues Everyone Should Be Aware Of

5 Glock 19 Gen 5 Issues Everyone Should Be Aware Of
The Glock G19 is one of the most popular handguns. After more than a decade running a ridiculous number of handguns, my GLOCK 19 remains a relied-upon staple in my gun wardrobe. It is one of the most reliable handguns you can get! But is it perfect? Definitely No.
In today’s video we are going to take a look at some of the most common Glock 19 Gen 5 problems users around the world have encountered. We will also tell you how to fix most of the Gen 5 design flaws. Stay with us till the end because one of these issues is really dangerous.
One of the most common complaint about the Glock 19 Gen 5 is erratic shell ejection.
Certain optics don’t work well with the G19 Gen 5. For some optics, the MOS model is not milled deeply enough.
Next up we have G19 recoil spring issues.
Yes, this is a common Glock 19 Gen 5 problem.
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The Glock g19 is one of the most popular Handguns after more than a decade of Running a ridiculous number of handguns My Glock 19 remains are relied upon Staple in my gun wardrobe it is one of The most reliable handguns you can get But is it perfect definitely no In today's video we're going to be Taking a look at some of the most common Glock 19 Gen 5 problems users around the World have encountered We'll also tell you about how to fix Most of the Gen 5 design flaws stay with Us until the end because one of these Issues is really dangerous Shell ejection issues one of the most Common complaints about the Glock 19 Gen 5 is erratic shell ejection this may not Seem like a big deal but it can be many Users reported that the shells Consistently kicked straight back at Them getting a shell to the neck or down Your shirt is annoying but getting one In your face could kill you if you're in The middle of Defending yourself and get Some hot brass in your eye it's going to Distract you from your next shot as far As I can tell there is no fix for this Problem the casings may also remain Stuck A weak ejector on the Glock 19 Gen 5 is The issue here Additionally the new cut To the breach face for the Gen 5 guns Alters how the extractor grabs the round

To fix this issue send it to Glock let Them fix the problem Then if you'd like upgrade the gun G19 MOS problem Certain Optics don't work well with the G19 Gen 5. for some Optics the MOs model Is not milled deeply enough Certain Optics cannot be used with the MOs due to its plate and screw size Dimensions not fitting if you want one Specifically as an optic gun I recommend Purchasing the standard Gen 5 and having It custom milled for your preferred Optic otherwise hollow sun fits great With the MOs on this one Recoil spring issues next up we have Recoil spring issues the Glock 19 was Initially fitted with a thick 17-pound Single recoil spring this is sturdy Enough to last as long as you would ever Need it to in fact many people replaced The single recoil spring with a lighter Recoil spring for competition shooting And still never had issues with Reliability However Glock decided to replace this Single recoil spring with the double Recoil spring in the Gen 5. their Intention was to reduce the recoil felt When firing the Glock 19. The primary issue is that the Dual Recoil spring was so powerful it was Causing jams as stated above Glock Initially denied the issue saying that

Owners were using poor quality Ammunition that caused the jams however Roughly two years after the release of The Gen 5 Glock admitted that there was A problem and issued a recoil on the Recoil springs This issue has been the primary Complaint specific to the Glock 19 Gen 5. The fact is there was nothing wrong with The previous recoil spring assembly Blocks have never been known to have a Recoil issue The Recoil spring has never Had issues with wearing down over time There was no logical reason to make this Change the only explanation I can fathom Is that Glock is deviating from their Roots they're trying to add new and Better features to their simple design To keep up with the competition If this is the case it's a huge mistake Simplicity is the whole reason Glock Became successful Failure to feed Yes this is a common problem The problem is that the Glock 19 Magazine holds 15 rounds exactly You may notice that the 15th round goes In harder than the rest and you can't Push down on it any further Glock designed it this way because the Austrian Army didn't teach soldiers to Swap magazines with the slide closed You were supposed to shoot the gun empty

And then swap magazines with the slide Locked back But anyway the top round is too tight so It is putting too much friction on the Bottom of the slide hence a failure to Cycle on the first shot only The right way to manage a Glock 19 is to Load all of your magazines with 14 Rounds except the magazine you will Carry in the gun you load that one to 15 Rounds and put it into the gun with the Slide locked back Stove pipes The last Gen 5 issue we're going to Discuss is stove pipes in a lot of cases Where owners aren't experiencing btfs or Ftes Gen 5 handguns would commonly have Stove pipes causing a jam There are two common causes of stove Piping the first of which applies to Most of the Firearms limp roosting wind Pristing is where there's not enough User resistance against the slide making The whole gun move back instead of just The slide moving back This causes the slide to move back Slower which causes the case to get Stuck in most cases proper training and More time in the range doing practice Shooting helps but with earlier Production Gen 5 Glock models it's not That simple The newer recoil spring assembly with The Dual captive Springs are designed

For more powerful NATO versions of Common handgun calibers The door springs are too heavy for Lighter Factory loads and reloads if the User knows that limp pristing isn't the Cause of stove pipes they can contact Glock and request for a new set of Recoil springs Overall the New g19 Gen 5 is certainly a Great handgun and an improvement over The previous generations there were About 20 changes made to the gun Including non-polygonal rifled Match-grade barrel ndlc finish Ambidextrous slide lock levers and a Ramped striker safety plunger They replaced the leaf spring of the Slide lock lever with a coil spring too However it's not Glock Perfection yet Based on comparing the specs features Practicality and performance I found the Best three alternatives to Glock 19 Gen 5. CZ p10c One of the closest alternatives to the Glock 19 would have to be the CZ p10c The p10c from CZ is a compact Striker-fired handgun with a 15 round Capacity They offer regular and Optics ready Models just like the Glock MOS system And have multiple options in terms of Red Dot Optics one of my favorite Styling features of the p10c is the

Ergonomic feel to the slide and frame The dimensions between the Glock 19 and P10c are almost identical but the Various Palm swells and chamfer cuts on The slide make it seem smaller than the Bulkier Glock ergonomics Having similar Dimensions to the Glock 19 means a level of holster Compatibility as well this doesn't mean Every Glock 19 holster can fit a CZ p10c But the majority do fit The trigger is a crisp clean five pound Trigger with a very positive reset which Makes it incredibly easy to shoot If you haven't checked out the CZ line Of striker-fired pistols I strongly Recommend checking them out because they Are a great value for the money Canik tp9 Elite SC Beyond its exotic Origins the Canik tp9 Elite SC is a very nice piece of work That's affordable sturdy and nice Looking without being over the top in Any area It comes with two interchangeable back Straps a kit for installing a miniature Reflex sight a holster a 12 round Magazine and a 15 round magazine Even better the slide is milled in such A way that adding a reflex sight does Not interfere with the rear iron sight The Canik also offers tactical features Such as front and rear serrations and a Picatinny rail the slide also wears a

Tungsten cerakote finish to resist Corrosion and wear and Canik pairs the White dot front sight with a serrated All black rear sight The gun also stands out from the pack With an oversized ambidextrous slide Release as well as a reversible magazine Catch The grip texturing is effective though I Found it a little too subtle the rest of The ergonomics are excellent with thumb Shelves and relief cuts that promote a High grip But the tp9s real claim to fame is the Exquisite trigger which had just a bit Of stacking on the take-up and then a Crisp break at around 3.5 pounds Pressure All in all this is an amazing handgun For concealed carry FN 509 CC Edge The FN 509 CC Edge Builds on the Tactical features showcased in the Company's 509 LS Edge while providing an Easy to shoot and concealable package For self-defense Equipped with a shortened frame and Slide the FN 509 CC Edge measures just Seven and a half inches long and is Equipped with a 4.2 inch barrel topped Off with FN self-indexing compensator Which is claimed to reduce muzzle flip By as much as 25 percent This makes it easier to get back on

Target ensuring fast accurate follow-up Shots One of the standout features of the new Pistol is its Barrel which is treated With a Gold Titanium nitride finish that Doesn't just look good it also reduces Friction and fouling buildup The gold colored Barrel is visible Through lightning Cuts in the slide Which reduce weight and speed up slide Cycling Also found at the top end of the gun is Fn's low profile Optics mounting system And four adapter plates are included With each gun enabling owners to mount Most popular micro red dots on the Market This mounting system is paired with a Set of suppressor height iron sights Which can be co-witnessed with a mounted Optic the front sight features a bright Green fiber optic tube that's easily Visible for accurate shooting Each FN 509cc Edge includes a flat-faced Trigger with a built-in safety blade as Well as an ambidextrous light stop lever And single-sided reversible magazine Release A three slot picatinny rail on the frame Makes it easy to add lights and lasers The CC Edge ships with a single 12 round Magazine and two 15-round magazines all Of which are equipped with weighted Aluminum base pads to ensure magazines

Drop quickly and freely enabling users To get the gun back into action quickly The suggested retail price on the pistol Is one thousand five hundred sixty nine Dollars [Music] Thank you

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