5 Cheap Handguns That NEVER JAM 2023

5 Cheap Handguns That NEVER JAM 2023
When it comes to firearms, reliability is an essential factor to consider. A gun that frequently jams can be frustrating and potentially dangerous in critical situations. Fortunately, there are plenty of budget-friendly handguns available in the market that offer reliable performance. In this video, we will explore five cheap handguns that never jam, making them excellent choices for self-defense, target shooting, and other applications. From concealed carry pistols to revolvers, we’ll cover a variety of options to suit different preferences and needs. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a beginner, you’re sure to find a reliable handgun that fits your budget in this list. So, let’s dive in and discover these affordable and dependable firearms.
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A few years ago and one said the words Cheap and handgun in the same sentence You are obviously talking about a Jennings a high point or an AMT Cheap pistols have come a long way over The past couple of decades foreign and Domestic manufacturers have really put The effort into producing cost-efficient And highly reliable handguns for the Masses if you're looking to add Something to your collection that won't Leave you eating rum for a month check Out our list of the most reliable budget Handguns Stoeger str9 The Stoeger str9 keeps Pace with the Best of the striker-fired market for a Price that you can't beat The str9 utilizes a striker-fired Mechanism and outstanding ergonomics to Deliver rapid shots with unfailing Reliability The polymer frame features aggressive Texturing thumb grooves and undercut Trigger guard to provide a non-slip hold And position to the shooter's hand close To the bore Axis or enhanced control and Quit follow-up shots An integral picatinny rail provides for Attaching aftermarket tactical Accessories the trigger breaks cleanly And it has a tactile and audible short Reset a safety lever in the center of The trigger prevents the pistol from

Firing unless the trigger is Intentionally pressed in the center and Pulled all the way back The nitride finished slide features Aggressive front and rear serrations Dovetailed drift adjustable three Dot Sights are quick to acquire in varied Light conditions The str9 has all the makings of a Performer one at par with the Mainstays Of the Striker Fired Market Moreover given the price there is little Doubt in my mind that Stoeger has hit The mark with the pistol and found a Place in the crowd The str9 seems ideal as both a Full-sized carry gun and a little Something to knock around range pistol Either case it's a fit or any budget Beretta apx The apx is Beretta's entry into the Striker-fired world of polymer frame Pistols with a robust design that's easy To shoot plenty accurate and well made Like all Beretta products you get a Stellar firearm and best of all you Aren't paying a whole ton of money for It Beretta has been kicking around since The 1500s so I'm sure they know a thing Or two about firearms the apx is a Firearm made for Duty and as such it Won't let you down even when you get Into those higher round counts the apx

Will keep on chugging it features an Awesome striker-fired mechanism with That partially cocked Glock style action The trigger is very lightweight and Crisp with a short and positive reset Its sights are great and the rear is Blacked out with a white front sight That's thin and crisp for taking shots At small targets The apx grip is fantastic and fits my Hand just right the controls are either Ambidextrous or reversible its only Downside is that the slide lock sits Right under my thumbs and often gets Pinned down and fails to lock itself Rearward This gun wasn't super popular so there Was never a huge aftermarket for it but There are replaceable sights a rail for Accessories and Langdon tactical Produces a few extras for the firearm as Well It's a Beretta for less than five Hundred dollars what more could you want Mechanic tp9 SF After shooting mechanic tp9sf it's hard To find a reason to truly dislike this Gun it's a quality handgun that fires Great and is fun to shoot the tp9sf Comes with some high grade features and A reliability Factor you would come to Expect for a concealed carry firearm not Only that but the Canik is perfect for Those on a budget

This isn't just one of those budget guns That cut back on its quality or safety For pricing sakes it's 15 plus one round Capacity places it in the compact Category alongside the Glock 19. Walther PPQ and Smith and Wesson m p m 2.0 Compact The trigger on the TPS F9 is so good That I think it's better than options Available on higher end guns Seriously out of the box I think the Trigger is as good as or better than Stock HK CZ and Glock triggers The polymer frame features stippling Texture on the sides of the grip Serration Nubs on the front and back Straps The grip angle is wrist friendly and I'm Able to maintain a full three finger Grip with my medium-sized hands Fit and finish Machining and performance Are all top-notch Value for Value the Canik tp9sf is a Clear standout in an increasingly Crowded budget Plastic Fantastic nine Millimeter Market Ruger Security nine Anyone familiar with Ruger is probably Not surprised to see it on this list the Security 9 is one of their most reliable Budget-friendly options and it has Already gathered a loyal following I Actually own a Ruger Security 9 myself Button paid for with my own money and It's one of my favorite handguns in this

Price range it's a 15 plus one capacity Gun sized in the same general spec as The Glock 19. and like Gaston's greatest Hit it's aimed at the defensive and Carry markets design wise it's basically A scaled up version of ruger's Incredibly popular and reliable LCP 2. It features a safety blade inset in the Trigger three Dot sights and a glass Filled nylon frame in that light the Security 9 deserves High Praise indeed With a street price of three hundred Dollars for a gun that has been just as Reliable as the Glocks and czs I think The security 9 is one of the best Defensive guns to come out in the past Few years I have just over 2 000 rounds through Mine and I've tested it with a variety Of self-defense ammo and in all that Shooting I've only grown more confident To my ability to defend life and Liberty With this affordable nine millimeter Iwi Masada if you haven't heard of the Israeli weapon Industries Masada don't Worry this is a relatively new gun but Boy oh boy has it already impressed a Lot of people It's a Glock 19 ask form factor gun but Honestly I preferred over my g19 The trigger is better though it does Have a long reset the grip is better the Gun is just as accurate and reliable and It's ready for a red dot out of the box

It has a super low bore axis making it a Very controllable soft shooting gun and The gun is sized perfectly for both Duty Or carry use oh and the damn thing is Only four hundred dollars definitely an Affordable nine millimeter handgun iwi Doesn't make anything that doesn't run And run and run forever but I still Wanted to test it out so that's what I Did 1400 rounds later I'm absolutely Flabbergasted don't get me wrong I Expected this gun to be good and Reliable I did not expect it to blow guns that Cost twice as much out of the water I've Had precisely zero malfunctions and it's Still running just as well as it was the First time I shot it I haven't quite put It into my carry rotation yet but this Might be the one that knocks the Glock 19 off its pedestal for me at least I

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