10 Revolvers Better Than Your Weak Polymer Guns

10 Revolvers Better Than Your Weak Polymer Guns
Here’s a first look at the the best revolvers of 2023!
Are you looking for a serious upgrade to your firearm game? It’s high time to step up your game and discover the world of revolvers – the OG of firearms. They are the ultimate symbol of power, precision, and reliability. In this video, we reveal the ultimate list of the best revolvers you won’t want to miss! So, say goodbye to your polymer toys and hello to the big leagues.
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Are you looking for a serious upgrade to Your firearm game it's high time to step Up your game and discover the world of Revolvers the OG of firearms They are the ultimate symbol of power Precision and reliability In this video we reveal the ultimate List of the best revolvers you won't Want to miss So say goodbye to your polymer toys and Hello to the big leagues Colt King Cobra carry we surely think That the Colt King Cobra deserves more Hype than what it actually has This is because the stunning features of This revolver were overshadowed by the Reboot of Colt Python don't get us wrong Colt Python is a great gun but the cult King cobra has a special place in our Hearts All stainless steel and nearly a Full-sized grip the king is a fairly Polite piece one that with some practice Runs best and accurate Part of this is thanks to the six round Revolver's weight which is an ample 26 Ounces unloaded but the trigger also Deserves Kudos again compared to a Pistol it's substantial 10 pounds but Responsive A full lug adds a level of protection to The ejection Rod ensuring it doesn't get Skewed in everyday Rough and Tumble and Poke over molded grips with finger

Grooves add another level of control to The handgun Most will appreciate the Bob timer on The double action only variation however If you can't live without a hammer spur There is a carry iteration with one At the risk of drawing the ire of Colt Fans the cylinder lock isn't intuitive For those who haven't run the revolver Previously but this facet isn't Generally a hindrance once familiar with The system Smith and Wesson 627 Pro It's not because of the brand that we Included this firearm on the list Well then again it is a Smith and Wesson Wait Where am I going with this Oh yeah this weapon is unquestionably Outstanding in terms of Versatility it Comes Factory tuned from Smith and Wesson with a few extra features like a Fiber optic front sight and an even Smoother trigger It's an 8-shot double action single Action revolver with a fluted cylinder And it utilizes Smith and Wesson's Popular steel end frame This is a very smooth shooting revolver And one of my personal favorites it has A four inch underlug barrel length that Is just about perfect for target Shooting or Home Defense along with a Gold bead front sight and adjustable Rear sight

Overall this thing just rocks and if you Can get over the price tag you'll find That it's worth every penny Ruger sp-101 Next up we have Ruger SP 101 there's a Lot of gun here we're not talking Metaphorically even in its two and a Quarter inch snub nose rendition the SP101 is constructed from a load of Stainless and it looks it almost Reminiscent of a Smith and Wesson's K-frame model 66. As we discussed previously as a primary Arm this is an advantage giving Shooters A more manageable system Although it might be a better option for An outside the waistband holster for the Right individual it could qualify for Inside the waistband The five round 357 Magnum Revolver Shoots well and for its ball cuts a fine Figure especially with its full lug its Factory grips are a bit small but easily Upgradeable with plenty of aftermarket Options The double action only model is the most Logical concealed carry candidate the Spurless hammer enhancing an already Streamlined design Yet be forewarned the SP 101 has a Notoriously heavy and somewhat gritty Trigger pull plus it's only available With an integral rear sight and Dao not The most precise of systems then again You aren't getting a concealed carry

Magnum for precision range work Taurus Model 66 Magnum Next on our list we have the Taurus Model 66 Magnum this gun embodies Flawlessness it has a beautiful Stainless steel frame with a matte Finish and the rubber grip feels amazing In your hands anchoring well and never Slipping and with its fixed sights this Revolver is stable and more durable A great part of this gun is the Taurus's Trademark security system transfer bar This great feature allows even an Amateur to carry it around with a locked Hammer you wouldn't have to worry about Any potential accidents Despite the barrel being short at Just 4 Inches the power that this gun possesses Is off the charts And it's pretty cheap too considering All of these cool features However if you are a fan of the wild and Are looking forward to taking your gun Out on a hunting trip this might not be For you the gun is very small so it's Pretty pointless to use it in the Hunting World however it's a great Choice for anyone looking for a reliable Carry revolver Colts python 357 Magnum The Colt Python 357 Magnum a name that Commands respect in the world of Firearms its iconic status is Undisputed Even with the crop of newer revolvers

Hitting the market in fact it's still Considered the best revolver ever Designed Along with hand rolled cigars and small Batch whiskey this revolver is truly one Of the Finer Things in life The hand fitted and hand polished python Offered Shooters an unparalleled Experience behind the trigger and head Turning looks that seldom come down the Pipe To ladder point the 357 Magnum is Unmistakable in silhouette boasting a Vented rib and a full-length underlug Running on a bowl But the python offered more than Serpentine good looks it also performed The revolver could beat the snot out of A bullseye aided by Superior hand fit a Trigger pull as smooth as glass and a Cylinder locking mechanism that milked Every bit of accuracy out of each Cartridge It is no wonder gun Riders and handgun Enthusiasts in general consider the Python among the best mass-produced Revolvers of all time Smith and Wesson Governor Yeah yeah another Smith and Wesson gun But it's not our fault that they make Such good firearms The governor is built with a huge bore And can fire 45 ACP or 10 bore shotgun Bullets and 45 Long Colt

Since it isn't the lightest revolver on The market it isn't the best choice for Concealed carry but it's one of your Greatest options for tactical Applications and home protection And with a six round capacity you'll Have enough ammunition to eliminate Threats and targets and talking about Its sights they're wonderful making it Easy to aim and fire accurately The Recoil is pretty mild too and with a Little practice you can become an expert At handling it properly once you've done That you'll enjoy shooting this revolver Kiapo rhino The kiapo Rhino looks like it was pulled Straight out of the year 2080. it has Hard edges and an angular cylinder Something I'm personally a fan of The hammer is almost entirely shrouded By metal when forward it is all sorts of Weird but also fairly Advanced and smart In its design Chiappa makes the rhino in a variety of Calibers including 357 Magnum 40 Smith And Wesson nine millimeter and 44 Magnum What's really different about kiapa and The Rhino is that the barrel aligns with The bottom cylinder this place is in Line with the wrist which helps reduce Muzzle rise and really directs the force More rearward than upward Chiappa makes numerous barrel lengths And for our tactical revolvers we'll

Stick to the four five and six inch Models The four and five inch guns feature Bottom accessory rails for mounting Lights and lasers the six-inch models Implement an optic rail for many red Dots This allows you to make your already Space aged revolver a bit more modern And ready for home defense hunting and Playing Space Cowboy want to know more About various guns in the market well For that you need to subscribe also make Sure to hit the like button to show us Your love Thank you

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