10 Most Disappointing Guns 2023 | Not Worth The Money

10 Most Disappointing Guns 2023 | Not Worth The Money
Before you make your next purchase, hold your fire and check out our list of the 5 guns that are nothing but a waste of money. Firearms have been a crucial part of human history, serving as tools for hunting, self-defense, and warfare. Over the years, gun technology has evolved significantly, leading to the creation of some truly remarkable firearms. However, not every gun has lived up to its promise or reputation. In fact, some guns have been downright disappointing due to their poor performance, lack of reliability, or other design flaws. In this discussion, we will explore some of the most disappointing guns in history and what made them fall short of expectations. From iconic pistols to heavy-duty rifles, we’ll examine what went wrong with these firearms and why they failed to live up to their potential.
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Let's face it some of the most popular Pistols are not perfect by any stretch Of the imagination some Fanboys and fan Girls have gotten entirely out of hand And need to rein it in a bit in today's Episode we're gonna have a little fun by Bashing some handguns that deserve it Without further Ado let's start this Roast Taurus Judge why these things ever Got popular I'll never know 410 Revolvers became super popular a few Years ago and some companies made Compact variants for concealed carry They're also chambered in 45 Colt and if You want an unnecessarily large and Inaccurate 45 Colt then go ahead I guess Chambered in 410 through these guns suck And that's why they're one of the worst Guns for concealed carry 410 revolvers Lack velocity provide unpredictable Patterning of Buckshot are huge heavy And downright silly I put them in the Novelty category and they are fine for Having fun but beyond that they are not Very good at anything the Luger The love affair with the Luger is Perplexing I blame movies yes it's an Interesting piece of machinery and it Represents a great historical Niche and Guns It was also a pretty awful service Sidearm and was replaced as fast as Possible with the literally better in Every way Walther P-38

As collectors items they're neat but That's also created an absolutely insane Market for them so that even Run-of-the-mill samples will set you Back close to one thousand dollars but Like I said I blame Hollywood Show up in basically every movie that Involves Germans as good guys or bad Guys regardless of whether or not it's Appropriate or period correct for the Character to be carrying a Luger hell Even in the new Wolfenstein game send an Alternate history where the Nazis won You're still getting saddled with a Bunch of toggle bolt full lotto lugers People love lugers because they look Cool and apparently that's all that Matters Walther arms PPK The Walther PPK is one of those guns That needs no introduction having been This signature sidearm of the famous James Bond the fictional British spy at The center of dozens of books films and Video games Technically speaking the Walther PPK Chosen as Bond's principal sidearm was Chambered in 765 Browning which is the Typically European designation of the 32 ACP However Walther amped up its PPK Offering with upgraded chamberings and 380 ACP making it more suitable for Personal defense

While a classic design it isn't without Its shortcomings the all-steel Construction makes it a heavy gun for Its size though the added weight does Make it more comfortable to shoot In addition the pistol is well known to Be picky regarding ammo's selection so Owners should be sure to thoroughly test Any defensive ammo in the gun before Counting on it for personal defense Smith and Wesson 500 or 460. these Revolvers leave the Desert Eagle far Behind in the power game what they Really did was put the rifle caliber Bolts action and single shot pistols out Of business Why grab a Remington xp-100 chambered in Seven millimeter BR or 308 Winchester When you can duplicate the ballistics in An easier shooting revolver Still The Recoil is extremely harsh and Most new Shooters who try one seldom Make it through a box of 20 rounds Before trading it in or selling it at a Loss Glock 19. the Glock 19 is not Perfection it never was it never will be When you stack it against modern guns Like the CZ p10c and the Sig p365 macro It quickly becomes one of the more Overrated guns on the market What does it provide that other guns Don't provide plus some Help clock won't even make the Moss 3 Series to the everyday shooter the

Trigger sucks the polymer sights are Flimsy the grip angle isn't actually That great which is confirmed since the Custom Glock frames all use the 18 Degree grip angle of the 1911 rather Than glock's 22 degree rake And frankly they cost too much for What Little you get in terms of features Do they work you bet they do thousands Of police departments competitive Shooters and so on aren't wrong they are An excellent working pistol in terms of Reliability and function but they aren't The be-all end-all Other pistols run just as reliably and Either cost less or give you more and Better features for the same amount of Money While the Glock 19 set the standard it Never moved Beyond it if I have 500 to 600 for a gun it won't be the Glock 19. Holt python Let's be clear here the Colt Python is a Sweet revolver that was made for one Purpose and then repurposed to another The python was developed to be a Target Revolver something aimed no pun intended To make tight groups in a competitive Setting The guns features maximize accuracy yet The Colt Python became a duty revolver The Colt Python could be a fighting gun But wasn't great for that role it's an Extremely accurate and precise revolver

But it's fairly fragile as well Shoot enough 357 Magnums through the gun And it will eventually come out of time Once this happens you need to have the Lock work re-timed the 1911. this one Hurts because I love them but frankly 1911 pistols have to get tossed in here Too The 1911 is old the carrying capacity is Pathetic relative to the size and Expense You have to spend a lot to get a good One and how is it that no one besides Wilson Combat has been able to make a Magazine worth a damn While the 1911 is one of the most Beloved handguns it's far from the best 45 ACP is not really the man stopper Some people say it is Nine millimeter is just as effective and Cheaper to shoot Okay the ergonomics are great but so What carrying a three and a half pound Government frame is a chore I love mine To death but I don't carry it anymore For that reason Granted I'm probably going to buy a Lightweight commander and start carrying That because I miss it but still it is a Highly effective platform there's a Reason why so many Champion Shooters and Civilians still lug them around But let's not kid anyone that there are Some real limitations

The desert eagle Last but not least is the desert eagle It isn't the least of anything because It's almost too big to use it's also More expensive than a range toy deserves To be They're known for more gems than Smockers good luck finding 50 AE ammo And get ready to go broke when you do Granted a few folks get them because They want a semi-auto that can deter Four-legged threats and it is one of the Few that can Fair enough on that front but most People get them as range toys This is just one goofy person's opinion But there are range toys that are less Expensive and way more fun to boot That said you do what you feel is best If a gun feels right to you and if That's what you want then get it shoot It and enjoy it I look forward to hearing how I'm wrong In the comments below It's all in good fun but provide a good Reason as to why I'm wrong Look outside your emotional response and Serve up some logic

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