10 Best New Hunting Rifles for 2023! You Won’t Believe #4!

10 Best New Hunting Rifles for 2023! You Won’t Believe #4!
Here’s a first look at the best new hunting rifles for 2023.
Welcome to our guide on the latest and greatest hunting rifles on the market! Every year, new advancements in technology and design bring us better and more efficient hunting rifles. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just starting out, having the right rifle can make all the difference in your hunting experience. In this video, we’ll be showcasing the newest hunting rifles available for 2023. From bolt-action to semi-automatic, we’ve researched and tested the latest models to bring you the top contenders in this category. We’ll be covering the features, specs, and overall performance of each rifle, so you can make an informed decision on which one is right for your hunting needs. So, let’s jump into our guide on the best new hunting rifles of 2023!
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Hey there fellow hunters in today's Video we're going to be taking a deep Dive into the newest hunting rifle Offerings from the top Firearms Manufacturers we know how important it Is to have a reliable and accurate Firearm while out in the field and That's why we're excited to share our Top picks with you so let's get started And talk about the newest coolest and Most badass hunting rifles on the Block Stag Arms Pursuit MSRP 1599 dollars For the first time in the company's History Stag Arms is offering several Rifles designed specifically for hunters The pursuit lineup includes two new stag 15s and two new stag tents chambered for The 6'5 Grendel 350 Legend 6'5 Creedmoor And the 308 Winchester All four are treated with a midnight Bronze cerakote finish and come out of The box with a chimney curved short Two-stage Target trigger they also come Standard with a black Magpul K2 plus Vertical grip and black CTR stock as Well as a unique leather strap with the Stag logo that covers the comb of the Buttstock the pursuit rifles will have An m-lok compatible Slimline handguard Threaded muzzle and Brake barrel length Varies from 16 to 18 inches depending on Chambering the pursuit stag 15s have an MSRP of 1599 and the MSRP for the two

Stack tents is 2199 dollars Marlin 336 classic MSRP 1239 dollars If you're a fan of lever guns there is No denying the fact that the Marlin 336 Has been a very popular choice Serving Hunters well for decades there Is also no denying the fact that since The Ruger acquisition of marlin that Model has been missed but no longer Featuring a 20 and a quarter inch barrel And a tube magazine which will hold six Cartridges the side eject model 336 Classic is sure to put smiles on the Faces of yet another generation Marlin indicates that their 336 will be Available in both 30 30 Winchester and 35 Remington will feature a walnut stock And hooded front sight with brass bead I'm happy that Ruger has taken the Proper steps to reintroduce an icon Savage impulse Mountain Hunter MSRP 2437 dollars Savage introduced their impulse rifle a Couple years ago now and as one of the Few American straight pole rifles it Meant mixed reviews The straight bull concept is very Popular among European Hunters who can Encounter multiple targets during a Driven hunt new for this year is the Impulse Mountain Hunter a lighter Version of the ambidextrous design

Featuring a carbon fiber wrapped Barrel From proof research and an aluminum Receiver It's chambered in the new seven Millimeter PRC and let me tell you it's Crazy accurate and hard-hitting And what's the best part the straight Pole action is super smooth and no Hindrance at all in fact follow-up shots Can come very rapidly once you're used To the action With a detachable steel magazine and Ergonomic synthetic stock The Savage Impulse Mountain Hunter is a great Choice for those looking for something a Bit different It's available on 6'5 Creedmoor six five PRC seven millimeter PRC 28 Nosler 308 Winchester 300 WSM and 300 Winchester Magnum Volkordson vt2 MSRP 2261 dollars The new volt courts in vt2 has a unique Takedown mechanism consisting of buttons And levers that require no tools for Quick assembly or disassembly To take the rifle down all the shooter Must do is to Simply depress the Takedown button release the Locking Lever by pulling it down and the barrel Is then freed to easily Glide away from The receiver To reassemble the rifle the shooter just Needs to do everything in reverse

Takedown rifles offer an extra level of Convenience for stowing or storage due To the fact that they do not require a Full-size gun case which can take up a Lot of Real Estate another degree of Versatility in this rifle is that the Various quick detach takedown barrels Are interchangeable with other Barrels In different Rimfire calibers The new Precision Rimfire full quartz And vt2 take down rifle is fully made in The United States of America and built To order Remington model 700 Alpha One MSRP 1759.99 Ram arms has introduced their first new Rival the model 700 Alpha One While the rifle may seem instantly Familiar there are differences from the Standard model 700 including a larger Ejection Port one piece fluted bolt body Chimney extreme Hunter trigger with flat Blade and a bolt which is field Stripable Chambered in 6-5 Creedmoor using a 22-inch barrel with 5r rifling the model 700 alpha 1 has a slightly elongated Magazine box allowing for the use of Longer projectiles The rifle is plenty accurate and has no Problem ringing steel out to 1 000 yards The synthetic stock fit well and the Barrel was threaded for a break or can But you'll need to be aware of the fact

That the receiver profile is slightly Different than other model 700s you'll Need a unique set of scope bases for This one Henry steel lever action side Gate Here's another lever gun when you're Probably already familiar with Like the Marlin 336 this is a side gate Loading tubular magazine lever action Rifle however this one is different Because it's chambered in the new 360 Buckhammer from Remington Henry is partnered with big green to Bring the new cartridge to life giving a Sound rifle platform to the new rimmed Cartridge Remington has taken the 30-30 Winchester Case shortened the case to 1.8 inches And removed the bottleneck in order to Comply with the regulations of a number Of Midwestern states driving 180 and 200 Grain 358 inch diameter bullets to 2400 And 2 200 FPS respectively a Henry rifle Chambered for this new cartridge is sure To make an impression in the deer and Bare Woods Ruger American Rifle and Seven millimeter PRC MSRP 789 dollars It's no secret that a good many Hunters Have embraced the Ruger American Rifle For its value and this new variant Allows those on a budget to enjoy the New seven millimeter PRC cartridge But acting go wild I am brush camo

Pattern and burnt bronze cerakote for The metal work and equipped with a Muzzle break this Ruger American comes In with an MSRP under 800 dollars This rifle comes with the Ruger Marksman Adjustable trigger ruger's power betting System and a three lug bolt with a 70 Degree bolt throw You get a great value for those who want A new seven millimeter PRC Ruger even throws in a factory installed Picatinny rail for mounting your scope Wilson Combat six millimeter Arc Tactical Hunter With hornady's impressive new six Millimeter Arc cartridge the Wilson Combat tactical Hunter brings AR-15 Rifles to a new level of precision not Surprisingly everything about the Tactical Hunter is premium from the Machining on the upper receiver to the Trigger and the stock there's plenty of Rail space on the gun to mount any Combination of thermals reflex Optics Scopes lights lasers and other Accessories you think you'll need on a Hunting rifle Wilson Combat includes an m-lok Compatible five slot picatinny rail Section and M lock QD mount with the Rifle and these guns come with 15 round Metal ASC magazines The Tactical Hunters match grade Barrel Is Wilson's own design and it is both

Threaded and fluted a mid-length gas System with a low profile gas block Keeps the rifle running smoothly and the Wilson premium bolt carrier assembly is Precisely machined accuracy is Exceptional with groups consistently Ranging from right at an inch for three Shots out to 1.6 inches That type of accuracy makes the Tactical Hunter in six millimeter Arc a suitable Long-range target rifle and there's Little doubt rifles chambered in this Caliber will begin showing up more Frequently in PRS gas gun matches Because recoil is so mild it's very easy To maintain sight picture when shooting And call your shots it's also a great Weekend range rifle perfect for the Casual shooter who likes to Ping steel At long distances Bergara Premiere mg Lite Vega bergara's Premier mg Lite has Custom quality but with standardized Features for greater efficiencies in Parts production and assembly providing Near Custom Performance at prices that Are affordable to Serious shooters The mg Lite employs a completely new Barrel system called The Cure which is a Hybrid design structured with carbon Fiber and other proprietary components For consistent performance and long-term Durability while saving on weight and Preventing heat buildup it comes fully

Featured with the carbon fiber grip Buttstock and adjustable comb All told the Magnesium chassis weighs in At just 28 ounces we thoroughly enjoyed The implementation of triggertex trigger System which provides a crisp brake and Buttery smooth operation considering the Gun's field ready design the provision For a folding stock with adjustments is Handy Brigar launched the new mg Lite for Hunters in a targeted selection of Calibers including the 6.5 Creedmoor 6.5 PRC 308 Winchester and 300 Winchester Magnum The gun exhibits fine accuracy potential Too and bragara provides a one MOA Guarantee for factory made match grade Ammunition Thank you

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