10 Best Carry Guns For The Money 2023

10 Best Carry Guns For The Money 2023
Carrying a handgun for personal protection is a serious responsibility, and choosing the right handgun is crucial for ensuring your safety. A good self-defense handgun should be easy to operate, accurate, and capable of stopping an attacker effectively. With so many options available on the market, selecting the best carry handgun can be a daunting task. However, by considering factors such as size, weight, caliber, capacity, reliability, and ease of use, you can narrow down your choices and make an informed decision. In this video, we will review the best carry handguns for 2023, based on these factors, to help you find the perfect firearm for your needs. Whether you are a seasoned shooter or a beginner, this guide will provide valuable insights into the best self-defense handguns available in 2023.
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Think you can't afford a high quality Concealed carry handgun In today's video we'll reveal the best Budget-friendly firearms that won't Break the bank from Compact and reliable Pistols to versatile and accurate Revolvers these concealed carry guns are The perfect balance of affordability and Effectiveness You won't believe the bargain we found At number two on our list Don't miss out on The Ultimate Guide to Affordable concealed carry guns Iwi Masada slim a scaled down version of The full-size Masada the Masada slim is Right at home in the world of concealed Carry guns Chambered in nine millimeter this Striker-fired polymer handgun ships with A 10 round and 13 round magazine Additionally it's also Optics ready Fitting popular models such as the Sig Romeo zero and holosun EPS carry Although the Masada slim ships Optics Ready the user also has the option to Stick with traditional irons which on This gun consists of a white dot front Sight and blacked out rear sight the Magazine release is reversible and Easily done at home without the need for A gunsmith the oversized trigger guard Surrounding the flat-faced trigger is a Bonus should you be wearing gloves During use

Despite its quasi-small size it handles Recoil well it's a cinch to control and Relatively easy to stay on target for Quick follow-up shots offhand accuracy Is spot on as well there's no question That the Masada slim is exceedingly Accurate and more than capable of Meeting your defensive needs If you're in the market for a Micro Compact and looking for the best bang For your buck don't sleep on the Masada Slim from iwi it's got a great pedigree And will definitely deliver the goods Eric's rex01 CP folks who want a gun That feels like a tank should listen up Because this is a gun you'll love The Rex 0-1 compact nine millimeter Pistol takes its design cues from the Classic Sig Sauer pistol with some Interesting modifications The frame is made of 7075 aircraft grade Aluminum anodized for abrasion Resistance the slide is chromoly steel Likewise the monolithic Barrel is Precision machined The pistol operates using a modified Browning linkless Locking System with a Barrel that locks into the slide's Ejection port Direct CP much like the Glock 19 has Been trimmed down just a bit to make it More comfortable to carry the barrel and Grip frame are both about half an inch Shorter

The magazine holds 15 rounds instead of 17 and the unloaded pistol is about two Ounces lighter Under the 3.85 inch barrel is a Picatinny rail behind that a squared off Textured oversized trigger guard adds to This gun's imposing appearance the Textured magazine release is well placed And easy to get to the aluminum mag well Is complemented by screw-on polymer grip Panels lightly pebbled and with shallow Finger grooves on the sides The front and back straps have molded Groups that provide a bit of traction Atop The Slide a driftable three dot Sight system is set it's user friendly Both for firing and for carry As the sights are snag free low profile Design This is an accurate shooter and The quality of the barrel Shines on Tougher shots Best of all the Rex 01cp is reliable the Rec01 CP is a great choice for a person Who's always wanted a classic double Action single action Sig but doesn't Have the dough Smith and Wesson M P 9 Shield plus the M P9 Shield plus is a Great option for concealed carriers who Want a no-nonsense blend of function and Concealability with good capacity take Everything you love about the shield Series and up the capacity to 10 plus 1 With a flush fitting magazine and 13 Plus one with the extension mag slightly

Modify the grip texture so it's kinder To your love handles and upgrade the Trigger to an incredible level and You've got yourself The Shield plus as It stands the trigger on this little guy Is quite possibly the best I've pulled On any subcompact carry gun it's Incredibly crisp with minimal creep Little over travel and a short crisp Reset that's Audible and tactile add to That the ergonomic and comfortable Nicely Palm filling grip shape and the Dead on perfect grip texture and this Bad boy is one hell of a shooter it's as Planted and fixed and my grip is any Factory gun gets the shield plus is not Only well tuned with its action timing And recoil spring design but the shape And texture of its grip makes it one of The most controllable best shooting Little carry pistols available should my P365 be scared yeah probably a little Now that the m p Shield is back in the Arena with a competitive capacity in the Form of The Shield plus it's once again A serious Contender for my iwb real Estate Stoeger str9 compact let's be Honest here there's not a lot original With the str9 yeah as a fairly unique Slide with aggressive caulking Serrations but get under the hood and It's essentially a Glock clone nearly a Dead Ringer at that Though it's one that comes in at a

Fraction of the price and offers nearly Identical performance For this we should all Rejoice Stoeger Has extended the line of nine millimeter Striker-fired pistols with the sdr9 Compact Right sized for concealed carry the Double Stack pistol might be among the Best values on the market today Interchangeable back straps Snappy Trigger great reset it has everything You'd want out of a serious defensive Piece of course it tends to the larger Size of concealed carry guns weighing in At 24 ounces but with 10 plus 1 rounds Of nine millimeter on tap and 13 plus One with the extended mag the double Stack is well worth the extra burden Mechanic tp9 Elite subcompact the nation Of turkey likes to rip off Glock and in Some cases they make a better Glock than Gaston Mechanic tp9 Elite subcompact May Arguably be one of those cases while the Machining is a bit rough and the trigger Is a little gritty the reliability of This pistol is superb it also feels much Better in the hand than the Glock I also really like the huge slide stop That is present on both sides of the gun For ambidextrous carry the magazine Release is also reversible for this Purpose the top of the gun is cut for The shield optic and has a removable

Plate to allow it to be carried with a Red dot or without this pistol is very Comfortable in the hand and has a low Bore access for quick follow-up shots But the fit and finish can cause Malfunctions if it's fired too quickly As I had several partial ejections in Testing The metal sites that come standard on a Mechanic are far superior to anything Glock has ever included and they also Feature a flat caulking ledge on the Rear sight for easy single-handed Caulking against a table The pistol also comes with a lot of Features in the Box including a 12 round Flush fit magazine a replaceable floor Plate with finger extensions and a 15 Round extended capacity magazine They also include a holster with a Reversible belt clip for both inside and Outside the waistband carry there's also A magazine loader and a spare magazine Pouch for all that is included this Alone makes the pistol a great value as All of the needed accessories are there To start carrying your new gun Immediately Mossberg Mc2c convenience and capacity it seems Like a never-ending tug of war for Concealed carry guns go for one and you Typically drastically affect the other Aiming to address just this Mossberg

Might have hit the sweet spot with a Welcome advancement of its MC line of Pistols minted with the mc2c the double Stack pistol vastly improves on the Original MC1 sc's capacity While keeping proportions nearly the Same Holding 13 plus one rounds with a flush Fit magazine and 15 plus one with the Extended mag the pistol doubles the Firepower of the single stack nine Millimeter at the same tick its barrel Length and height are only fractions of An inch greater than its older brother Quite a feat one Mossberg pulled off by Turning to Steel magazines for more Structural support as tidy as the Original the mc2c also boasts the same Top features such as flat-faced trigger Oversized trigger guard and simple Takedown it's simple to operate has good Bolt sights shoots well and holds enough Bullets to solve any problem you're Going to solve with a nine millimeter Handgun A handgun like this combined with some Good training and regular practice will Provide a lot of Peace of Mind in an Emergency Foreign

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