1/8th moa? 12 grooves? the HTI XLPR is innovation at its finest

while you may have seen the HTI XPR in one of our previous videos, HTI has just recently announced the HTI XLPR same concept but now in long action. now in additiona to this they have added something that hasn’t previously been done before (or at least not since 1860’s)
But now that machining is at its finest 12 grooves has some very impressive advantages
shot Show 2023

And welcome back to affordable optics And rifle reviews we're at Shot Show 2023 I'm here with Mateo Mateo how you Doing today great we're at the HDI Booth They have a new rifle but for those of You who haven't seen the SHOT show 2022 Interview we're gonna give you a rundown Of the HTI XPR And why this rifle is so innovative Well we got the same feature of the XPR Just made a long action XPR and the name Is XL ER same scene like the shirt you Know yeah XPR XL PR and we will come up With the Excel PR in the January 2024. For the next show would be 23rd 26th of January we will introduce the new rifle That is the XXL PR because Magnum so Actually we have the xlpr which is Different from the XPR because it's in The long action multi-caliber XPR was a Short action multi-caliber of course With the xlpr you can get down with the Calibers to the short action with the Short action XL PR is a multi-caliber Easy interchangeable caliber for Whatever stay below of the 375 Can you show me quickly because this is Actually quick to do can you show us Quickly how we can swap calibers oh sure So you have to remove the bolt first In this way And then you release the five bolts Clamping the can the barrel you remember We had four bolts in the XPR because it

Was a short action if Long action required one ball more so You take off the barrel And maybe You put a 300 PLC inside Done In some cases you have to change also The bolt phase which is three lags bolt Action And that's very very easy because you Pull up Pull off the pin here see And take the bolt face out Change the ball faces but this is not Not for all the caliber because Especially for the 308 Winchester and For example 6.5 Creedmoor you can use the same bolt Phase that's Comes very cheap then finish On that quick ah yes it is very quickly Very simple and with one rifle you can Change caliber very very quickly in a Minute possible the point is that with The six Uh movement that you replace the barrel Re-screwing the five bolts you get the Same point of impact even if you change The ball face and the barrel Changing the caliber so that's very very Comfortable yeah awesome now you guys do Have some tall claims for accuracy what Are you uh what is the accuracy for These uh these htis actually we can

Guarantee one eight MOA accuracy because The point is that we did took the action Out of the shooting system I mean We go directly From the barrel to the bolt so as Opposed to having lugs in a standard Remington 700 action the lugs are in the Barrel yeah they are building in the Barrel they have no Barrel extension so No difference vibration no different Expansion to the heat no NADA boom one Piece of Steel one bolt and the case is Actually support for the magazine If you change it from long action to Short action magazine You use the same size magazine just Different you see so that's if you buy Some LPR and then you also want to shoot Short action cartridges you can go lower To 22LR and the XPR has just a standard Aics magazine yes the standard XPR is Multi-calibur two but for the short Action and lower so that's of course you Cannot shoot long action with a short Action but with the long action you can Shoot short action and lower so it's Fine and next year we won't come up with The Magnum which is XXL PR you can go From Magnum to short action long action And lower Now you guys aren't just stopping there You guys uh are showing some pretty new Neat things and the works for your Barrels can you tell me what's going on

For that oh well Pretty pretty surprising we took the Concept of Mr Oliver Winchester which is 12 grooves barrel And if you know a little bit about History you know that this concept was Brought also back from F and Brownie and Marlin for the 22 caliber we did the Same we did a barrel 12 Groves with a Very deep layers and actually we find Out that this barrel 12 grooves is 1 8 MLA accuracy and is a long long World Life Barrel what happened happened I Wish you 22 000 rounds In the same barrel and is still Performing 1 8 m o a And the abrasion is absolutely Irrelevant so there's no throat erosion No what caliber did you do that testing 308 that's an expensive test yeah I have the invoices I have the invoice but the point is that We got really surprised about that we Didn't talk possible but it is due to The fact that each group Support the bullet for 0.9 millimeter so It's a 0.9 circus 0.9 millimeter surface In contact with the bullet for each Group so multiply by 12 you see the huge Surface you could they the barrel Correct the bullet during his run Through so a lot of contact points but Not any deformation no that's the point

No deformation but soft gentle contact To the bullet yeah better than many Other tests that we run with the Polygonal Barrel other stuff like that They did they didn't gave us a currency Of 10818 MOA but the concept of Oliver Winchester still works and they're still Alive here All that doesn't mean bad I mean we have Much much better Machining than I guess They did back in what 18 something 1879. so there's really an opportunity To I guess Move that idea forward now I think that We have to discover ReDiscover the old Concept of the weapons and the rifle Because they did something that we Probably do not understood yet correctly If we have the chance to do that we will Get surprised as we did with the concept Of Oliver Winchester so it's not our Idea it's not our Pattern as well this is patent but we Cannot patent Winchester Barrel concert Of course don't take the idea Now well that's public Winchester is a Release from from protection not the XPR And xlpr which is design protect repo But the point is that going back in the Past and finding a lot of Characteristical Barrel that we forgot Maybe the good time to ReDiscover them And get surprised awesome Mateo thank

You so much for showing us the new Rifles and telling us about the new Innovations you guys have for the Barrels I think it's going to be really Interesting to see in the future so stay Tuned for More Shot Show 2023 coverage [Music] Thank you

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